Yoga for Kids

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Yoga for kids is for children aged 3 years and up. Classes generally work best divided up into age groups as the needs and interests of kids change. For the little ones, yoga involves lots of stories, singing and make-believe. The slightly bigger kids are able for a little more in terms of yoga poses but we still build it around stories, songs and games. For preteen children, yoga can be a great balance and help for other sports they might play. They can really start to build up an appreciation of what their bodies can do and how good it feels to move and stretch.

Yoga is non-competitive. It is suitable for everyone, no matter what their physical capabilities are.

Yoga philosophy helps kids to learn values such as sharing, non-violence towards themselves, others and their environment, only taking as much as you need, telling the truth and much more.

All yoga classes, even for 3 year olds, involves breathing and relaxation. We do this in various fun ways but it is a fantastic way to teach children techniques for calming down and staying centered - something that will serve them for life!

Caragh runs yoga workshops during school holidays for children aged between 4 and 7 years. She is also available to teach in schools or for private groups in your own home. Yoga party anyone?

If you are interested in a yoga for kids class, contact Caragh on 087-9877552.

Caragh trained as a yoga for kids instructor through the Elbow Room in 2016. This training brought together her own yoga experience and her experience of teaching yoga to her own small children who were aged 2, 4 and 6 at the time.

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Upcoming Workshops

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Workshops give you the chance to explore your yoga practice a little more deeply. Over the coming months Caragh will be offering a range of two and three hour workshops. So watch this space for details or join our mailing list.

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